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Meet Clément and Aurore

- Tellin Blog
clément, aurore, double face, loden
Double face is extremely rare in Europe and our mission is to deliver this rarity, lovingly developed and still hand-stitched after centuries, to your closet.

Introducing Loden

- Tellin Blog
loden, natural wool, weather resistant, chemical free, biodegradable
Loden is a premium, natural wool fabric with a storied past. It’s 60% denser than standard wool textiles, which makes it durable, warm, and weather resistant

Meet Jacquie

- Tellin Blog
egyptian cotton twill, induo, jacquie davis, blouse for women, anti-perspiration, water-repellent
With our Jacquie blouse, feel comfortable taking down personal or professional challenges that get in your way. The blouse that doubles as your secret weapon.

Meet Sven

- Tellin Blog
anti-stain, anti-perspiration, water repellent, tellin, sven marquardt
How an insight sitting next to an uncomfortable passenger on a plane led me to work with a French startup and create a high-performance essential.

Meet Yatra

- Tellin Blog
schoeller, fabric, pants, chinos, tellin
How well do you know chinos? Besides the fact that they can be worn to work, on weekends, at dinner parties, and even at weddings?
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